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Add binary_form argument to get_ssl_certificate.

The default form contains only basic information; the binary form is more
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1 parent 2b07385 commit cbc84bc50dd5d9b4468e3878038f917fcf734618 @bdarnell bdarnell committed Aug 19, 2012
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@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ def request_time(self):
return self._finish_time - self._start_time
- def get_ssl_certificate(self):
+ def get_ssl_certificate(self, binary_form=False):
"""Returns the client's SSL certificate, if any.
To use client certificates, the HTTPServer must have been constructed
@@ -440,12 +440,16 @@ def get_ssl_certificate(self):
- The return value is a dictionary, see SSLSocket.getpeercert() in
- the standard library for more details.
+ By default, the return value is a dictionary (or None, if no
+ client certificate is present). If ``binary_form`` is true, a
+ DER-encoded form of the certificate is returned instead. See
+ SSLSocket.getpeercert() in the standard library for more
+ details.
- return
+ return
+ binary_form=binary_form)
except ssl.SSLError:
return None

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