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Quetion about post fields #325

wsantos opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Why fields are in list in a post ?

(Pdb++) self.request.arguments
{'name': ['Cadaf'], 'email': ['']}

any reason for this ? thnx.


typically you don't access self.request.arguments directly but via self.get_argument() and self.get_arguments() docs

it's by design that it's a list so that the data type doesn't change between having one argument for that key, and multiple.


Thnx for the quick response, i got it. Btw i will register a simple way to use the post fields with wtform for future reference.

from wtforms import Form, TextField, validators

class TestForm(Form):
    field1     = TextField('field1', [validators.Length(min=4, max=25)])
    field2    = TextField('field2', [validators.Length(min=6, max=35)])

class HomeHandler(BaseHandler):

    def get(self):

    def post(self):
        form = TestForm(**dict([(key,self.get_argument(key)) for key in self.request.arguments]))
        validated = form.validate()

        self.write('Valid form: %r' % (validated))
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