Inconsistency in the IOStream.closed method #455

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oyerli commented Feb 3, 2012

The fix in the commit 501f596 caused a problem in my async web server application:
I expect IOStream.closed method to return true AS SOON AS the close_callback is called. (This was the previous behaviour since it was not waiting for the pending callbacks). Now, the closed() method returns true but the close_callback waits the pending callbacks to finish. Hence the connection is not actually closed. Is it the intended behaviour?

I expect the closed() method to return true after all pending callbacks finished AND the close_callback is called. Otherwise we cannot know if the connection is actually closed.


The current behavior is as intended: IOStream.closed() returns true if the underlying network connection has been closed, but there may be some time between that event and the close_callback (if there are pending operations that can be satisfied from buffers). If closed() did not return true until after close_callback was called, there would be no way to detect whether you were in this intermediate state.

oyerli commented Feb 20, 2012

If it is the intended behaviour then there is a problem in the chatdemo application. I know it, since I am using a slightly modified version of chatdemo in production.

In chatdemo, if a user closes the connection at the same time a message is arrived, on_new_messages is called and the if condition in that method prevents calling self.finish. Hence the on_connection_close is called later and tries to remove that callback from the already emptied set (since when a new message arrives we empty the set). This causes a KeyError.

Can you suggest a fix?

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