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In blog demo, the _() not works as expect #726

zhkzyth opened this Issue · 1 comment

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zhkzyth Ben Darnell

Hi, i try to run the blog demo, but got some srange output from _ function.

{{ _('<a href="%(url)s">Sign in</a> to compose/edit') % {"url": "/auth/login?next=" + url_escape(request.uri)} }}

After the translate, the a tag and other entities were escaped.Is this a bug, or it is the duty for the developer use js to render it correctly?

Ben Darnell

This is a bug in the demo. It has to do with autoescaping instead of the _() function: this expression should use {% raw _(...) %} instead of {{ _(...) }} so the tags don't get escaped.

Ben Darnell bdarnell closed this in 74c6075
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