Is there something wrong with the alias for render_string of templates? #883

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junewu commented Aug 19, 2013

Why does tornado.escape.xhtml_escape have two different aliases? (See Templates)

Expressions can be any Python expression, including function calls. Template code is executed in a namespace that includes the following objects and functions (Note that this list applies to templates rendered using RequestHandler.render and render_string. If you're using the template module directly outside of a RequestHandler many of these entries are not present).

escape: alias for tornado.escape.xhtml_escape
xhtml_escape: alias for tornado.escape.xhtml_escape


bdarnell commented Aug 20, 2013

This is intentional. It has the short name "escape" because it's such a common operation (or at least it was before the introduction of auto-escaping in Tornado 2.0), and it's also available as "xhtml_escape" because that's what it's called in python code.

bdarnell closed this Aug 20, 2013

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