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General Resources

Async Client Libraries built on tornado.ioloop

Web API Libraries

Helper Libraries / Frameworks

  • AsyncMongo-Sessions - A sessions library for Tornado using AsyncMongo
  • dustdevil - Lightweight session handling class w/ multiple backends and MongoDB.
  • handlerbag - A little layer on top of Tornado to manage a bag of dynamic utility handlers
  • OpenCoweb - Framework for building cooperative web apps; includes a Tornado coweb server based on the cometd Bayeux protocol
  • pycket - session library, written for use with Redis or Memcached, and Tornado
  • shrapnel - a set of tools for building webapps on top of Tornado
  • Swirl - async decorator (made redundant in Tornado 2.1+ by tornado.gen?)
  • Tinman - support package including an application wrapper/runner and a set of handy decorators
  • Tornado Add-ons - Small library of useful addons, including a @route decorator.
  • tornado-util - helpers functions that emerged from production use of Tornado in
  • tornado-utils - A bunch of Tornado specific python utilities originally used on
  • tornado-slacker - This package provides an easy API for moving the work out of the tornado process / event loop.
  • Tornado Tracing - Performance tracing library for Tornado
  • Tornado Tools - This is a small library integrating other libraries as well as providing smaller tools for working with Tornado
  • Torneira - Torneira is a lightweight and rapid web framework build on top of Tornado
  • tornado-celery - Celery task queue integration with Tornado
  • tornado-spdy - Fork of Tornado providing experimental SPDY v2 support.
  • Mojo - A django-like framework for Tornado, with lightweight ORM and backend support

Projects Built on Tornado

  • angemon - Blog system (more involved than the demo).
  • dillinger - Tornado + ZMQ proof of concept.
  • Eucalyptus User Console - User Console using Tornado, boto, jQuery.
  • Gate One - Web-based Terminal Emulator and SSH Client.
  • GraphTerm - A "graphical terminal interface" that extends xterm by adding GUI-like features and session sharing
  • hbase-tornado-demo - A demonstration of how to use HBase and Tornado to build a web application.
  • protocolbuf-rpc-server - RPC server using protobuf
  • ragechats - Reddit themed real-time chats using Tornado, WebSockets, and Redis.
  • redqueue - A light-weight queue server in python tornado, it uses memcache protocol and store queues persistently.
  • Scale0 - A proxy server using zeromq and Tornado.
  • spotnado - A Tornado webserver for controlling Spotify.
  • Spyder - Spyder is a scalable web-spider written in Python using the non-blocking Tornado library and ZeroMQ as messaging layer. The messages are serialized using Thrift.
  • tornado-blog - Blog system (more involved than the demo).
  • tornadio-chat - + tornado chat example.
  • tornado-couchdb-pubsubhubbub-aggregator - Simple Tornado app that accepts posts from PubSubHubBub feeds, saves the entries to couchdb and streams them live to the page as they come in.
  • torque - A web hook task queue based on tornado and redis.
  • tweetwatcher - Tiny Tornado site for monitoring Twitter Streaming API with Websockets / long polling.
  • TwitTornado - a real-time Twitter Client.
  • uploadr - Simple file hosting service written on top of Tornado.
  • toocool - Twitter app http://TooCoolFor.Me (redis, Celery, MongoDB).

Tornado Ports

  • Cyclone - Tornado ported to the Twisted event loop.
  • gtornado - Monkey-patched module to use gevent.
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