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ToroDB Stampede

Transform your NoSQL data from a MongoDB replica set into a relational database in PostgreSQL.

There are other solutions that are able to store the JSON document in a relational table using PostgreSQL JSON support, but it doesn't solve the real problem of 'how to really use that data'. ToroDB Stampede replicates the document structure in different relational tables and stores the document data in different tuples using those tables.


Due to the use of different external systems like MongoDB and PostgreSQL, the installation requires some previous steps. Take a look at out quickstart in the documentation.

Usage example

MongoDB is a great idea, but sooner or later some kind of business intelligence, or complex aggregated queries are required. At this point MongoDB is not so powerful and ToroDB Stampede borns to solve that problem (see our post about that).

The kind of replication done by ToroDB Stampede allows the execution of aggregated queries in a relational backend (PostgreSQL) with a noticeable time improvement.

A deeper explanation is available in our how to use section in the documentation.

Development setup

As it was said in the installation section, the requirements of external systems can make more difficult to explain briefly how to setup the development environment here. So if you want to take a look on how to prepare your development environment, take a look to our documentation.

Release History

  • 1.0.0
    • Released on October 24th 2018
  • 1.0.0-beta3
    • Released on June 30th 2017
  • 1.0.0-beta2
    • Released on April 06th 2017
  • 1.0.0-beta1
    • Released on December 30th 2016


ToroDB –

Distributed under the GNU AGPL v3 license. See LICENSE for more information.


The ToroDB solution to provide better analytics on top of MongoDB and make it easier to migrate from MongoDB to SQL








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