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; boot.s
; TORO's Bootloader for x86-64 processors, It enters in 64 bits long mode and jump to main entry of PE file
; the page directory can handle 512 gb of memory at this time.
; It boots for HDD and USB-HDD devices using Int 13h extension.
; Copyright (c) 2003-2018 Matias Vara <>
; All Rights Reserved
; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
; (at your option) any later version.
; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; GNU General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
; along with this program. If not, see <>.
[ORG 0]
[BITS 16]
jmp start
boot equ 7C0h
boot32 equ 7C00h
pagedir equ 100000h
msg1 db 'Booting TORO...',13,10,0
msgerror db 'Error Reading',13,10,0
IDT equ 3020h
drv db 0
;PE file information
align 4
magic_boot dd 1987h
add_main dd 0
end_sector dd 0
add_image dd 0
start_sector dd 2
;Structure used by Int13h extension
db 10h ;size of structure
db 00 ;reserved
db 1 ;number of sector to be read
db 0 ;reserved
dw 512 ;offset
dw 7c0h ;segment
dq 1 ;read second sector
; Bootloader Initialization
mov ax , boot
mov ds , ax
mov es , ax
mov fs , ax
mov gs , ax
mov ss , ax
mov esp , 1000h
; save boot's driver
mov byte[drv] , dl
mov si , msg1
call print
; Check if extension is present
mov ax , 4100h
mov bx , 55AAh
int 13h
jc readerror
cmp bx , 0AA55h
jne readerror
; Loading second stage
mov ax , 4200h
mov si , dap1
int 13h
; First, enter into protected mode and then return to real mode to have acces upper 1MB memory address
call init_paging2M
call h_a20
; Temp gdt
mov ax , 300h
mov es , ax
xor di , di
mov si , gdt
mov ecx, 8*5
rep movsb
lgdt [gdtr]
; Jump to protected mode
mov ebx,cr0
or ebx, 1
mov cr0,ebx
mov ax , 20h
mov es , ax
; Return to "Unreal-Mode"
mov eax, cr0
and al, 0xFE
mov cr0, eax
; reset ES base address to 0
xor ax , ax
mov es , ax
; Load the kernel into memory
call load_kernel
; Calculate the size of memory required
call memory_size
; Enter back to protected mode
lidt [idtr]
mov ebx,cr0
or ebx, 1
mov cr0,ebx
; Far jump to protected mode
db 66h,0EAh
dd 7e00h
dw 8h
; Read sector from Boot driver
; this procedure uses dap2 structure
push si
mov si , dap2
mov dl , byte[drv]
mov ax, 4200h
int 13h
jc readerror
pop si
mov si , msgerror
call print
bucle:jmp bucle
; Structure used by loadkernel
db 10h ; size of structure
db 00 ; reserved
db 1 ; number of sector to be read
db 0 ; reserved
dw 400h ; offset
dw 7c0h ; segment
; Starting from 3rd sector
; Using only first dword of sector
dapseclow: dd 2
dapsechigh: dd 0
; Load kernel image to memory from boot driver
; load the kernel in high memory
; reset the driver
xor ah, ah
mov dl , byte[drv]
int 13h
; every sector will be readed
mov edi ,dword [add_image]
mov si , 400h
mov ecx, dword[end_sector] ; number of sectors
push eax
push ecx
push esi
call read_sector
; moving 512 bytes from low memory to high memory
mov ecx, 128
mov ebx , dword[ds:si]
mov dword[es:edi], ebx
add edi , 4
add esi , 4
loop movesector
pop esi
pop ecx
pop eax
inc dword[dapseclow]
dec ecx
jnz read_loop
; Print text in ds:si segment only in real mode
cmp al , 0
je exit
mov ah, 0Eh
mov bx, 7
int 10h
jmp print
;line a20 for memory after 1 MB
;from linux code
call EMPTY_8042
mov al , 0D1h
out 64h, al
call EMPTY_8042
mov al , 0DFh
out 60h, al
call EMPTY_8042
;wait for command
jmp short $+2
in al , 0x60
EMPTY_8042 :
jmp short $+2
in al , 0x64
test al , 1
jnz kbdw0
test al , 2
jnz EMPTY_8042
; Temp GDT and IDT
dw fin_gdt - gdt - 1
dd 3000H
dw 13ebh
dd IDT
dw 0
dw 0
db 0
db 0
db 0
db 0
kernel_code_sel equ 8h
dw 0xffff
dw 00h
db 0h
db 0x9b
db 0x0
db 0
kernel_data_sel equ 10h
dw 0xffff
dw 00h
db 0h
db 0x93
db 0x0
db 0
kernel_code64 equ 18h
dd 0ffffh
dd 0af9b00h
kernel_data_sel_tmp equ 20h
dw 0xffff
dw 00h
db 0h
db 0x93
db 0xcf
db 0
times 446-($-$$) db 0
; Toro Image is a valid partition entry
; you can install others OS in TORO's partition
; TODO: Dynamic Size of Toro's Partition.
boots db 80h
BeginHead db 0
BeginSectCyl dw 0
pType db 83h
EndHead db 0
EndSecCyl dw 0
FirstSector dd 2
Sizes dd 2048
; filling with zeros
dq 0,0
dq 0,0
dq 0,0
; Boot sector signature
dw 0AA55h
mov eax , kernel_data_sel
mov ds , eax
mov es , eax
mov ss , eax
mov fs , eax
mov gs , eax
mov esp , 1000h
; Enabling Long Mode
mov eax , cr4
bts eax , 5
mov cr4 , eax
; Load temp DP
mov eax ,90000h
mov cr3 , eax
mov ecx,0c0000080h
bts eax,8
; Paging enabled
mov ebx,cr0
bts ebx, 31
mov cr0,ebx
db 066h
db 0eah
dd boot32+main64
dw kernel_code64
; Page directory to handle 1GB of memory is only temporary
mov ax,ds
push ax
mov ax,9000h
mov ds,ax
xor eax,eax
mov ecx,2048
pxor mm0,mm0
xor esi,esi
movq [ds:esi],mm0
add esi,8
dec ecx
jnz init_paging2M0
mov [ds:0], dword 90000h + 4096+15
mov [ds:4096], dword 90000h + 4096*2 +15
xor esi,esi
mov ecx,15+128
mov eax,1 << 21
mov [ds:4096*2+esi],ecx
add ecx,eax
add esi,8
cmp esi,8*512
jne init_paging2M1
pop ax
mov ds,ax
; Create a Memory map using INT15h
; This buffer is read by the kernel
; Use the same buffer like LoadKernel
mov ax , 3000h
mov es , ax
xor di , di
xor ebx, ebx ; ebx must be 0 to start
mov edx, 0x0534D4150 ; Place "SMAP" into edx
mov eax, 0000E820h
mov ecx, 24
int 0x15
add di , 24
jc break
cmp ebx , 0
je break
jmp lp
; end of the table
mov eax , 1234h
[BITS 64]
align 8
; We need to page more memory
call paging
; Initialize CMOS shutdown code to 0ah
mov al, 0fh
out 070h, al
mov al, 0ah
out 071h, al
; When the signal INIT is sent, the execution starts in 2000h address
mov rsi , 2000h
mov [rsi] , byte 0eah
xor rax , rax
mov eax , trampoline_init+boot32
mov [rsi+1] , eax
; New page directory to handle 512GB
mov rax , pagedir
mov cr3 , rax
xor rbx, rbx
xor rax , rax
mov eax , dword [(add_main)+boot32]
jmp rax
; Creates new page directory for handle 512 gb of memory
; we are using 2MB pages
; PML4( 512GB) ---> PDPE(1GB) --> PDE(2MB)
mov esi , pagedir
pxor mm0 , mm0
mov ecx , 262145
movq [esi] , mm0
add esi , 8
dec ecx
jnz cleanpage
; first entry in PML4E table
mov rsi , pagedir
mov [rsi],dword pagedir + 4096 + 7
; next page is a PDPE
mov rsi , pagedir + 4096
mov rcx , pagedir + 7 + 4096 * 2
; Pointer page directory
mov [rsi] , rcx
add rsi , 8
add rcx , 4096
cmp rsi , pagedir + 4096 * 2
jne PPD
; second page is PDE
mov rsi , pagedir + 4096*2
mov rcx , 7+128 ; the page is cacheable with writeback
mov rax , 1 << 21
mov [rsi] , rcx
add rcx , rax
add rsi , 8
cmp rsi , pagedir +4096*514
jne PDE
[BITS 16]
; This procedure is executed in SMP Initialization
lidt [boot32+idtr]
lgdt [boot32+gdtr]
; Jump to protected mode
mov ebx,cr0
or ebx, 1
mov cr0,ebx
; Far jump
db 66h,0EAh
dd boot32+trampoline_longmode
dw 8h
; Code when jumping to Long Mode from other cores
mov esp , 1000h
; Long mode initialization
mov eax , cr4
bts eax , 5
mov cr4 , eax
mov eax ,90000h
mov cr3 , eax
mov ecx,0c0000080h
bts eax,8
mov eax,cr0
bts eax,31
mov cr0,eax
; Jump to kernel main
db 066h
db 0eah
dd boot32+jumpkernel
dw kernel_code64
times 1024-($-$$) db 0
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