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How to run an Instance of Toro in Amazon Web Service

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This wiki presents how to launch an instance of Toro in Amazon Web Service (AWS). We use as a running example HelloWorld.pas. We demonstrate that Toro correctly boots by checking the screen. We present how to import a Toro's image as a snapshot. You can also create an instance from a public IM. Just look for the IM named helloworldintoro as is shown in the following video.

In the next step, we explain how to create an snapshot and then an image to launch an instance of Toro.


Before going through the steps, you need to install AWS CLI and to have a Bucket named toroimages. Then, you have to upload a pre-built image of Toro. For example, you can upload HelloWorld.img example from here.

Step 1

Create a file named containers.json and add the following content:


"Description": "Hello World in Toro",

`"Format": "raw",`

`"UserBucket": {`

    `"S3Bucket": "toroimages",`

    `"S3Key": "HelloWorld.img"`


Then create a snapshot by doing:

aws ec2 import-snapshot --disk-container file://containers.json

You will get something like:


SNAPSHOTTASKDETAIL 0.0 RAW 3 active pending

USERBUCKET toroimages HelloWorld.img

You have to wait until the importing is completed. To check this, execute:

aws ec2 describe-import-snapshot-tasks --import-task-ids import-snap-03e2e560726a41171

Step 2

We are going to create an image from the snapshot. To do this, go first to Snapshot and then Actions>Create Image.

Step 3

We are going to use the created image to create an instance. To do this, go to Create Instance and select the corresponding AMI. You will get an screen as follows:

Once running, you can go to Instance>Actions>Instance Settings>Get Instance Screenshot and you get an screeshot:


In this wiki, we have shown how to deploy an instance of Toro in the AWS. We have used a simple example that prints something through the screen. The use of networking remains as future work.

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