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How to run an Instance of Toro in Google Compute Engine

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This wiki presents how to launch an instance of Toro in the Google Compute Engine by using the Google Cloud Shell. We use as a running example Exceptions.pas. We demonstrate that Toro correctly boots by checking the serial port. You can watch the whole procedure here:

In the next steps, we show how to get the example working.

Step 1. Get access to the Google Cloud Shell

To get the shell, go to and then click on Enable Cloud Shell at top right. In this case, we have previously created a project named torotest1.

Step 2. Get a prebuilt image

Download a prebuilt image from the release section.


Step 3. Rename and compress the image

mv ExceptionHandling.img disk.raw

tar -Sczf exceptions.tar.gz disk.raw

Step 4. Upload disk tarball to Google Cloud Storage

gsutil mb gs://torobucket

gsutil cp exceptions.tar.gz gs://torobucket/exceptions.tar.gz

gcloud compute images create toroexcept --project=testtoro --source-uri gs://torobucket/exceptions.tar.gz

In this case, I created a bucket named torobucket and I uploaded the .tar.gz there. I also created the image named toroexcept.

Step 5. Create an instance

gcloud compute instances create toroexcept1 --zone us-central1-a --image toroexcept --metadata serial-port-enable=1

I created an instance named toroexcept1 by using the image named toroexcept.

Step 6. Connect to the Instance by using the serial port

gcloud compute connect-to-serial-port toroexcept1 --zone=us-central1-a

If Toro has correctly booted you will get something like this:

[10/04/2019-14:56:52] CPU0 Thread#3221200800 [0x400249] in ??:??


In this wiki, we have shown how to deploy an instance of Toro in the GCE. We have used a simple example that prints something through the serial port. The use of networking remains as future work.

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