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Riichi quick-reference sheets
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Riichi Reference Sheets

Reference sheets for Japanese mahjong written in XeTeX. These sheets are intended to be useful as a quick reference guide while playing.

These sheets are optimized for the [ruleset used by the Toronto Riichi Club][tori-rules], but it should be widely applicable to most rulesets with a few minor variations. A sheet based on the WRC ruleset is also available.

Download the latest PDF from the releases page.

The information below is relevant only if you want to modify the sheets. Simply to use them, you can get a PDF copy from the releases page as outlined above.



The easiest way to build is by using latexmk:


If you prefer not to use latexmk, you can build using xelatex directly:

xelatex riichi-refsheet
xelatex wrc-refsheet

Using either command will produce PDF files called riichi-refsheet.pdf and wrc-refsheet.pdf.


Certain portions of the sheet can be customized to better fit certain rulesets. See the preamble of the WRC sheet for an example on usage.


You can customize the title by defining the \thetitle macro before including preamble.tex. The default title is "Riichi Reference Sheet".

\def\thetitle{Riichi Reference Sheet}

Starting points

You can customize the count beside the 1000-point sticks to match your ruleset's starting point value by defining the \sentencount macro after including preamble.tex.

The default number is 4 for 25000 points; set it to 9 to start at 30000 points.


Rule toggles

There are a number of toggles available to turn on and off certain rules. These toggles are defined using \newif in includes/preamble.tex.

Toggle Default Description
kazoeyakuman true Kazoe yakuman (counted yakuman): Hands worth 13+ han are scored as yakuman.
kiriagemangan false Kiriage mangan (rounded mangan): Hands worth 3 han 60 fu or 4 han 30 fu are rounded up to a mangan.
nagashimangan true Nagashi mangan (discards mangan): Hands with terminal/honour discards after exhaustive draw are worth a mangan.

For example, to disable kazoe yakuman and enable kiriage mangan, add the following to the preamble after including preamble.tex:



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


This sheet is based on the reference sheet by Alexis "alercah" Hunt, licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

The tile images used were created by FluffyStuff, licensed under the CC BY 4.0.

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