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Merge branch 'ticket27750_034_01_squashed' into maint-0.3.5

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nmathewson committed Nov 14, 2018
2 parents a58b194 + c99f220 commit d598d834f5ce3ae3decb53336c95c8f5d361587a
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  1. +6 −0 changes/bug27750
  2. +6 −11 src/core/mainloop/mainloop.c
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
o Minor bugfixes (connection, relay):
- Avoid a wrong BUG() stacktrace in case a closing connection is being held
open because the write side is rate limited but not the read side. Now,
the connection read side is simply shutdown instead of kept open until tor
is able to flush the connection and then fully close it. Fixes bug 27750;
bugfix on
@@ -1011,23 +1011,18 @@ conn_close_if_marked(int i)
* busy Libevent loops where we keep ending up here and returning
* 0 until we are no longer blocked on bandwidth.

/* Make sure that consider_empty_buckets really disabled the
* connection: */
if (BUG(connection_is_writing(conn))) {
connection_write_bw_exhausted(conn, true);
if (BUG(connection_is_reading(conn))) {
/* XXXX+ We should make this code unreachable; if a connection is
* marked for close and flushing, there is no point in reading to it
* at all. Further, checking at this point is a bit of a hack: it
* would make much more sense to react in
* connection_handle_read_impl, or to just stop reading in
* mark_and_flush */
connection_read_bw_exhausted(conn, true/* kludge. */);

/* The connection is being held due to write rate limit and thus will
* flush its data later. We need to stop reading because this
* connection is about to be closed once flushed. It should not
* process anything more coming in at this stage. */
return 0;

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