Python Security Bootcamp aims at helping people with solving,automating challenges in security using python.
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Python Security Bootcamp

Python Security bootcamp aims at helping people with solving,automating challenges in security using python. Some of them might be seen in your CTF's, your pentests or small snippets always you wanted to create and automate.

Challenge Levels

  1. Basic.
  2. Intermediate.
  3. Hard


Challenges are categorized into 2 parts Attack & Defense, both of them are self explanatory.Future challenges will be added by me or contributors as time progresses.


  1. Write a basic script for dictionary attack on ZIP file. - Challenge Level: Basic
  2. Write a bot that checks for default ssh installations with username:password and executes "ls" and returns the output. - Challenge Level: Intermediate
  3. Create a script that checks custom IDOR - scenario vulnerability within the application given. - Challenge Level: Intermediate.
  4. Enumerate the flag given a generic response (figure out the response.) - Challenge Level: Intermediate.
  5. Enumerate Server Header from an application. - Challenge Level: Basic


  1. Write a script that detects Reflected XSS within the DOM. - Challenge Level: Intermediate
  2. Create a script which would take in a target and port and check if it is open - Challenge Level - Basic


  • The reading materials to each level is still to be updated.
  • Learn by yourself, try hard - harder however you want before you give up. Get your basics right.


  • Solutions for each level are vague/simplest way to be done, you may or may not have written a better script for the solution.
  • Please do not look at the solution before you have tried and failed to the limit you have, otherwise there isn't a point of this repo and the people contributing to the repo.


  • Issue a pull request to the repo along with the vulnerable server (if any), the solution and any readup (if possible)


  • Note: Most of the things were created my me during free time, so bear with the mistakes.
  • Love the Project or would like to say something you didn't like about the project email me : helofrancis[at]gmail[dot]com.