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It looks like a new dependency was introduced in Backstage 1.0.3 - Bond (0.4.1)

This new requirement requires compilation which means the devkit needs to be installed and setup for windows users.

Worth mentioning in the README I think.

[EDIT] Just tried the new webconsole...awesome!


tobias commented Apr 26, 2012

@rurounijones - oops, sorry about that. bond doesn't actually compile anything under jruby - it just emits a dummy makefile. But gem doesn't know that, so insists on trying to call 'make'. I think the real fix is to have bond published as a -java gem as well that excludes its ext/ dir. I'll get in touch with the developer and see if we can make that happen.


tobias commented Apr 26, 2012

Issue filed: cldwalker/bond#17

Groovy, thanks for the information.

A new version of the bond gem has been released with your java support code included which has fixed this issue.

Thank you very much!

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