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These cookbooks depend on the silverware cookbook from for service discovery.

Things are still a work-in-progress. There may be bugs.

Things are mainly tested when used in conjuction with Ironfan on Amazon EC2.

In combination with Ironfan, these cookbooks let us do things like

knife cluster launch torquebox-frontend --bootstrap
knife cluster launch torquebox-backend-0 --bootstrap
knife cluster launch torquebox-backend-1 --bootstrap

The above commands bring up a mod_cluster server and two TorqueBox servers with all clustering setup. The nodes were launch one at a time because there are likely some race conditions in the service discovery currently being used that need to be sorted out.

New TorqueBox (torquebox-backend) servers can be added at any time and will join the cluster as expected. However, when a new mod_cluster (torquebox-frontend) cluster is added the existing TorqueBox servers won't automatically connect to it. You'll need to re-run chef-client on the TorqueBox servers then restart TorqueBox (sv restart torquebox) to get the backend servers talking to the new mod_cluster instance.