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=== 0.28.0 / 2011-06-21
* run rspec with a list of jruby-versions and both for 1.8 and 1.9. producing a little summary at the end
* runit mojo for testcases
* add src/main/ruby and lib directory to load-path if exist
* add src/main/ruby to classloader so java classes can find the scripts
* add rubygems to test-resources, i.e. to test-classloader so java tests can use them (via scripting containers)
* added assembly descriptors for packaging "uberjar" with all dependencies inside a single jar (jar as well gem dependencies)
* gem-proxy is a total rewrite and comes with directory browsing for all but ONE directory. the pom generation is the same as done by the gem mojo and maven-metadata.xml is generated on the fly i.e. is up to date to
* general improvements in Gemfile, gemspec tp pom convertion. rspec, etc.
=== 0.26.0 / 2011-03-30
* new bundle install mojo to allow to use Gemfile as pom
* better Gemfile to pom support
* fixes in gemify
* allow to use gem dependencies inside plugin
* gem:push mojo added to have a compete life-cycle for gem artifacts
=== 0.12.0 / 2010-05-14
* maven archetypes for rails2 and rails3 (inspired by email from Reto Schüttel)
* added rspec-maven-plugin (by Bob McWhirter previous
* more integration tests
* compile goal can generate java code (as jrubyc from version 1.5.0 onwards can do)
* updated version to jruby-1.5.0, jruby-rack-0.9.7, rails-3.0.0.beta3
* unified parameters for goals in rails2-plugin and rails3-plugin
* better offline support
* lots of little improvements here and there