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*ts allows to declare jar dependencies of a project. it follows DSL of Gemfile but (currently) it is not a DSL and file with declarations.

adding a maven repository

the maven central is default repostory and is always there. adding another repository use following decalration

repository :first, ""
source 'second', ""
source ""
snapshot_repository :snapshots, ""

the first name option is only used for debug and can be omitted safely.

important if you want ot use snapshot artifacts you need to use snapshot_repository declaration for the repository where the snapshots are hosted.

jar/pom dependencies

a pom dependency is not associated with a jar file but has dependencies to other poms or jars.

dependencies can be declared either in Jarfile

jar 'org.slf4j:slf4j-simple', '> 1.6.2', '< 1.7.0'
jar 'org.sonatype.aether:aether-api', '1.13'

maven like version

jar '', '1.2.3'

this will add the jar dependency for the maven artifact with version 1.2.3. this version will be treated as maven version, i.e. in case of a version conflict the one which is closer to project root will be used (see also: TODO link)

rubygem like version

some example (see also: TODO link)

pom '', '=1.2.3'
jar '', '>1.2.3'
jar '', '>1.2.3', '=<2.0.1'

the no version will default to [0,) (maven version range) which is >=0 in the rubygems world.

jar 'group:artifact-id'

the not version !3.4.5 can not be mapped properly to a maven version ranges. >3.4.5 is used instead in these (rare) cases.

for the mapping from rubygem version to maven see Versions

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