Boxgrinder appliance definitions and RPM spec files for building a TorqueBox AMI
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TorqueBox Appliance

We use BoxGrinder to build TorqueBox virtual machines so you can start using TorqueBox today! BoxGrinder is a set of projects from JBoss that makes it easy to grind out appliances for multiple virtualization and cloud providers. TorqueBox currently provides a 64-bit appliance for Amazon AWS. With the imminent release of TorqueBox 1.0.0.Final we intend to also provide a 32-bit AWS appliance, and a VMWare virtual machine.

Running a TorqueBox Appliance

The TorqueBox 1.0.0 Final appliance is a 64-bit virtual machine: ami-e8827d81. Use your favorite AWS tools to launch an instance. Once launched TorqueBox should be running on port 8080. To install stompbox and/or backstage do the following:

$ sudo su
$ jruby -S backstage deploy --secure=user:pass
$ jruby -S stompbox deploy --setup-db --auto-migrate --secure=user:pass

You are not required to set a username and password for these applications, however it is strongly encouraged. If you want to leave them wide open, omit the --secure flag. For stompbox, unless your database is already setup and configured for stompbox, you'll need to include the --setup-db and --auto-migrate flags.

Building a TorqueBox Appliance

  1. Get a BoxGrinder Meta appliance and fire it up

  2. Login to the meta appliance: ssh -i yourkey.pem ec2-user@public.dns.ami

  3. Configure /root/.boxgrinder/config as specified in the BoxGrinder documentation

  4. Become root $ sudo su

  5. Clone torquebox-appliances in /mnt: $ cd /mnt && git clone git://

  6. Clone rumpler: $ git clone git://

  7. Rumple: $ cd torquebox-appliances && rake torquebox:rumple

  8. Build RPMs: $ rake torquebox:rpm

  9. Build an appliance $ rake appliance:ebs