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Replaced by TorqueBox 4

TorqueBox 4 has replaced the need to have a TorqueBox Lite, since TorqueBox 4 is itself modular and light. If you're just interested in web bits, use the torquebox-web gem version 4.0.0.alpha1 or later.


No further releases of the torquebox-lite gem are planned.

TorqueBox Lite has a known incompatibility with Java 8, providing further motivation to migrate to torquebox-web instead.

TorqueBox Lite

This is a smaller, web-only version of TorqueBox. The main goal is to provide a reliable and maintained JRuby web server option with a small footprint and very simple usage. Scheduled jobs, messaging, Backgroundable, long-running services, distributed transactions, Infinispan caching, and clustering from TorqueBox will NOT work with TorqueBox Lite.

TorqueBox Lite is designed to only run a single application at a time - the application in the current directory. It creates a torquebox-lite directory inside this application to hold session data, temporary files, and server logs.

The underlying bits are identical to those in TorqueBox, except that many things have been removed. You can still create a torquebox.yml or torquebox.rb file to configure Ruby versions, environment variables, shared vs bounded JRuby pooling, web context, and various other things. See the TorqueBox documentation for more details there.

Basic Usage


jruby -S gem install torquebox-lite


cd /path/to/your_app


Use CTRL+C to kill the foreground process. You can also use kill <pid> if you started it in the background.


If using Bundler, add torquebox-lite to your Gemfile instead of installing it via gem install and then run bundle exec torquebox-lite to boot the server.

Hot deployment (redeploying without restarting the server)

touch $APP_ROOT/torquebox-lite/deployments/<app_name>-knob.yml.dodeploy

The app_name is usually the name of the application's directory - take a look at the other files under that deployments directory to see what it should be.

More Usage Examples

Run in production mode with JRuby 1.9 compatibility

JRUBY_OPTS="--1.9" RAILS_ENV=production torquebox-lite

Run with a larger JVM heap size

JRUBY_OPTS="-J-Xmx1024m" torquebox-lite

Bind to instead of localhost and port 3000

torquebox-lite -b -p 3000

Use multiple JRuby runtimes for non-threadsafe applications

torquebox-lite --min-runtimes=3 --max-runtimes=5

Get a listing of all torquebox-lite options

torquebox-lite --help

Need help?

Get in touch with us via the regular TorqueBox community channels - IRC, mailing lists, or Twitter.

Found a bug? Have a suggestion?

Because TorqueBox Lite has a separate release cycle and codebase from TorqueBox itself, please use GitHub Issues to file bugs and feature requests instead of the TorqueBox JIRA.

Want to contribute?

Pull requests are more than welcome. There are really just two Ruby files that contain the majority of the code.

  • build/assembly/bin/assemble.rb - Transform the stock TorqueBox distribution into our slimmed down version

  • gems/torquebox-lite/bin/torquebox-lite - The torquebox-lite command which boots TorqueBox Lite

Building TorqueBox Lite requires Maven 3. From the project's root directory, just run mvn install.