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TorqueBox Belated Weekend Update: 22 March 2011
Bob McWhirter

First off, apologies for the belated weekend update. I am apparently suffering jet-lag from my flight down the eastern seaboard and lost track of the day.

Wake up!

Later Today (Tuesday), I (Bob) will be presenting about TorqueBox at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike previous presentations, this is one specifically targetting Java developers who are looking for a familiar route to get into Ruby.

Ben Browning and Jim Crossley are manning the JBoss booth, and will be filming the talk, which we hope to get online fairly quickly.


This week, Lance put the authentication integration to bed. Due to complexities around JAAS and the PicketLink implementation against JBoss AS6, we decided to reduce the scope slightly. Look for a blog post from Lance about it this week. Right, Lance?

Toby wrapped up BackStage, the dashboard you can use to monitor and control components across your Ruby applications deployed on TorqueBox. See his article describing the awesomeness.

Mr. Crawley also wins the ABCD Award (Above-and-Beyond the Call of Duty), for relieving me from Windows duty. Nobody likes having to make sure TorqueBox builds on Window, so I will be eternally grateful to Toby; at least until next week.

Ben published round two of our BENchmarks, this time testing a real-world application (Redmine), against a variety of servers and runtimes (MRI, REE, JRuby). We think the results speak for themselves pretty well.

Additionally, Ben has begun running the official RubySpec compliance tests against our VFS-modified interpreter, ensuring we're not breaking stuff. Apparently we were breaking stuff. Ben's fixing it. Quality improves.

Jim and I collaborated on what we hope will become one of the killer features of TorqueBox, inspired by our awesome community member, Adam Warski: CDI integration, and other dependency-injection support. This goes one step further towards blurring the lines between your Ruby and Java applications. Look forward to a blog post detailing this feature in the near future.

Jim has also been smashing bugs and applying patches submitted by community members such as Fabrizio. We love our community! And we love Jim for helping make our issue graph cross over from red to green.

Super duper awesome!

One of the biggest accomplishments last week was actually the feat of a team other than ours: the JRuby guys released 1.6.0. Charlie Nutter, Tom Enebo, and the rest of the guys and gals worked fantastically with us, to ensure that the 1.6.0 release would support everything TorqueBox needs.

Following their release, within 24 hours, we had updated TorqueBox to use it. You can try it now by using our developer build (~180mb, ZIP).

Don't forget

We're charging ahead, committed to getting 1.0.0.Final shipped by the JBoss World/Red Hat Summit conferences, near the beginning of May.

After that, we will shift gears, and try to jump up the ladder to JBoss AS 7 and start our 2.x cycle.

Exciting times ahead.

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