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Need a speaker at your conference, user-group, or bar mitzvah?

While the TorqueBox team is centered around the southeast United States, we can normally locate our car keys or find our way to an airport.

If you'd like to have someone come by, we may be able to arrange that, depending on the expected audience, and distance from an engineer who is willing to go.

While we can normally foot the travel bill ourselves, if your organization offers travel or lodging assistance, that is of course always appreciated, but not a requirement.

Just shoot an email to and we will try to work something out.

Want to speak at conferences?

Are you a user of TorqueBox, looking for an opportunity to share what you've learned and help introduce others to the project?

We're always happy to help the community prepare for talks, and if we get requests for presentations in your area, we'd be glad to route them to you.

Find us on IRC, or you may also ping the address.

Or fork the site repository and send a patch against this very page, adding yourself to the roster below.

Speaking at an upcoming conference?

We like to promote anyone who speaks, anywhere in the world, right on the front page of this site. Just let us know when and where you are speaking, and we'll get it up.

Find us on IRC, or you may also ping the address.


Here's a list of known speakers, and their general geographic location.

Name aka Geography
Ben Browning bbrowning United States, Georgia
Jim Crossley jcrossley3 United States, Georgia
Lance Ball lanceball United States, North Carolina
Toby Crawley tcrawley United States, North Carolina
Bob McWhirter bobmcw United States, Virginia
Bruno Oliveira abstractj Brazil
Adam Warski awarski Poland
Michael Johann malagant Germany