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Mention torquebox run -b x.x.x.x in examples for running TorqueBox

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@@ -88,6 +88,13 @@ Undeploy an application from TorqueBox</screen>
<screen><prompt>$</prompt> <command>torquebox run</command></screen>
+ Out of the box, TorqueBox only is only accessible from
+ localhost. To access it from other machines pass the -b parameter
+ to bind to a real IP address or any available IP address:
+ <screen><prompt>$</prompt> <command>torquebox run -b</command>
+<prompt>$</prompt> <command>torquebox run -b</command></screen>
To run TorqueBox in clustered mode, use:
<screen><prompt>$</prompt> <command>torquebox run --clustered</command></screen>

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