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Torrage - Torrent Storage Cache
PHP Shell
Latest commit 1437239 @torrage Changed how decode and encode worked, defaults were set the wrong way…
… around causing some torrents with large index sets to generate an incorrect hash value.


Torrage - Torrent Storage Cache

To obtain the latest version of Torrage, always check out

Torrage is a torrent storage cache system, developed in PHP with the primary aim of serving torrent
files on a large scale allowing trackers and index sites to spend less time and resources storing/maintaining torrents.


- Rewritten major chunks of the codebase to clean up bugs and optimize functionality.
- Use new version of TorrentEditor class which fixed a lot of issues from v0.3
- Added cron support to clean up /sync/ files as not to create duplicate clutter
- Added sync mirror support to push data to other known torrage websites
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