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Nesta CMS App Template

See an example of this template and the bundled clean theme running on Heroku at

App template screenshote

See this blog post for full background, installation and usage details:

Run locally

Fork this repo on GitHub and clone locally to get the source on your local environment. Then run:

$ ./

$ foreman start
14:25:47 web.1     | started with pid 59647

Open your browser to http://localhost:5000 to see the site running locally with default configuration values.


Assuming you have a Heroku account and have successfully installed the Heroku Toolbelt you can use this script to quickly deploy the site to Heroku, install any dependencies and setup the appropriate configuration.

The site will not incur any charges on Heroku and does not use sudo. Please review the script source before executing.

$ ./


Once the app is running view the Getting Started with the Nesta CMS App Template entry to see how to customize, update and maintain the site.

Getting started