Grampa is a blog generator using make and awk.
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Grampa is an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for a few years:

Can you build a resonably okay blogging tool out of common shell commands?

The answer is: I think? Yeah.


Check out this repo and run make setup. The config file doesn’t actually do anything yet. But if you have files in the posts/ directory you’re good to go. See below for post file format. It’s super fragile and won’t work unless it’s exactly as specified. Just run make and get excited!

post format

A post file name must be in the format: y-m-d-title-of-post.txt

Your file’s title can be as long as you like and contain at least one word.

The contents of the post must be in this format:

title: A text title
category: example
Body of your post.

If you put from (this zip file)[] in the root directory then every body will be run through it.

things i still need to do

  1. Atom feed
  2. Better deployment examples
  3. Location for all static files


All of this is in flux. I’m not ready to say anyone can use this, but it might be fun to read the Makefile to see how it works.