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Tors' vim configuration

My vim configuration forked from Mislav's vimfiles


Prerequisites: ruby, git.

  1. Move your existing configuration somewhere else:
    mv ~/.vim* ~/.gvim* my_backup
  2. Clone this repo into ".vim":
    git clone ~/.vim
  3. Go into ".vim" and run "rake":
    cd ~/.vim && rake

This will install "/.vimrc" and "/.gvimrc" symlinks that point to files inside the ".vim" directory.


  • 2 spaces, no tabs
  • incremental, case-insensitive search
  • 'Leader' character mapped to "," (comma)
  • ,, switches between two last buffers
  • <C-j/k/h/l> switches between windows (no need to prepend <C-w>)
  • cursor keys for movement disabled!
  • NERDTreeToggle mapped to F2


  • ack
  • ctrlp
  • nerdtree
  • commentary
  • markdown
  • rails
  • coffee-script
  • slim
  • less