A firewall preference pane for Mac OS X 10.5 which allows you to control ipfw like back in the 10.4 days.
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Resources Some website updates. Added Growl notifications to the DefaultRules. Oct 6, 2008
Retro Screenshots Added some 10.4 screenshots. Adapted the UI to look more like then. A… Sep 27, 2008
Source Changed again how the current version gets displayed in the app, the … Oct 5, 2008
Website Whoops, this did not work in the most recent Firefox. Now it should. Oct 22, 2008
ipfwPane.xcodeproj Temporary disabled the not yet working rules in DefaultRules.plist. A… Oct 4, 2008
.gitignore Added the two js libraries as zips, so they don't show up in GitHubs … Oct 6, 2008
BSD License.txt The source is now licensed under the new BSD license. Oct 1, 2008
README.markdown Some last updates for the website. It is live now. :D Oct 5, 2008
TODO.txt Several changes to the website: downloads get tracked now, added some… Oct 12, 2008
generate_fw_launch_daemon_h.rb OK, now everything compiles again. Oct 2, 2008
generate_info_plist.rb Optimized how generate_info_plist.rb finds out the short revision of … Oct 22, 2008
ipfw-securosis.txt Just the rename. Sep 30, 2008
ipfw_research.txt Added a ShakesPeer dummy to the DefaultRules. Documented the "framewo… Oct 1, 2008
package_release.sh Now with a really working link. Oct 4, 2008
unpack_js_libs.rb Unpacking works. Added some code to toggle the BSD license on the page. Oct 6, 2008


ipfw Preference Pane (ipfwPane)

ipfwPane is a Preference Pane for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, it gives you back control over the packet based firewall from the Tiger days. For more information, screenshots and downloads please visit the website at pixelshed.net/ipfwpane.

The current version has the same features like Apple's original Preference Pane. I am currently planing to extend the features a bit to give users who want it more control over ipfw while keeping the UI simple. (See TODO.txt for what is planed.)