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Lenkeng373 capture script. See reverse engineering work conducted by Danman,

Requirements: Requires Pcapy and netifaces packages. Must be run as root. Incompatible with Windows

Usage: [--input I] [--output AV] [--delay MS]
				   [--recvmac MAC] [--transmit IP] [--receive IP]
				   [--ffmpeg PATH] [--ffmpegout ARGS]
--input     i       Capture on network interface i
--output    av      Output "audio", "video" or "none". Default is audio & video
--delay     ms      Delay audio by ms milliseconds
--recvmac   MAC     Overide default MAC of transmitter
--transmit  IP      Overide default transmitter IP address
--receive   IP      Overide default receiver IP address
--ffmpeg    path    Path to FFmpeg
--ffmpegout args    Arguments to pass to FFmpeg
--heartbeat         transmitts heartbeat on interface i. For standalone operation
--help              Display this message

Example: sudo python --input en1 --delay 100 --heartbeat

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