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Account Resolver


This resolves an email address to an Ethereum public Address. Returns an account if it already exists on torus network. Creates, if otherwise

const publicAddress = await torus.getPublicAddress(params);


  • params - VerifierArgs : The parameters passed to the method
    • verifier - enum : The verifier to use. Supported enums are google, reddit, discord
    • verifierId - string : The unique identifier for that verifier. (Say email for google, username for reddit and id for discord)


  • Promise<string> : Returns a promise which resolves to the Ethereum address associated with the email


interface VerifierArgs {
  verifier: "google" | "reddit" | "discord";
  verifierId: string;


const publicAddress = await torus.getPublicAddress({
  verifier: "google",
  verifierId: ""
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