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Bug Bounty

We have an ongoing bug bounty program for security-related bugs that compromise key security.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Critical ($5,000) - Bugs that allow theft of user keys under normal operating conditions
    • Eg. Ability to access private key from the dapp JS context
  • High ($2,500) - Bugs that restrict user access to keys, cause loss of funds, system failure, or theft of user keys under restricted operating conditions.
    • Eg. Ability to reset a user's account to a new private key so they are unable to access their funds
  • Medium ($1,000) - Bugs that affect user access, cause service downtime, or affect usability of the system
    • Eg. Restricting logins for users so they are unable to access their wallet at certain times
  • Low ($200) - Bugs that do not directly compromise security but have the potential to affect users adversely
    • Eg. Spoofing emails, presenting wrong information on the wallet

In order to ensure that your bug report is valid and has not already been reported, please reach out to directly.

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