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Torus Embed — New Frictionless login for Dapps

This module generates the javascript to include in a DApp via a script tag. It creates an iframe that loads the Torus page and sets up communication streams between the iframe and the DApp javascript context.

Please refer to docs for API Reference available here or change log.


Torus is meant for gradual adoption from the start. You can use Torus as a web3 provider dynamically (on demand) or by default.

  • As a script tag

    Include the script tag into the body of your index.html, this will include torus into the page and override any other web3 providers that are present.

  • As a package on npm

    npm install @toruslabs/torus-embed

    This approach would ensure that you can,

    • use torus only if the user agrees to (by selecting from a choice of providers).
    • use torus by default if no other web3 providers are present.

    Please refer to the examples folder for details on usage using dynamic import.


Torus uses window.sessionStorage to store user details.

So, if the user reloads the page, all his data would be rehydrated and the user doesn't need to log in.

The samples provided in the examples folder illustrate the above case.


Ensure you have a Node.JS development environment setup:

git clone
cd torus-embed
npm install
npm run build

To run tests:

npm run test:e2e:headful
npm run test:build-embed

entry-point: index.js


torus-embed is MIT Licensed

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