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WARNING:this plugin is NOT COMPATIBLE with latest x64dbg because Capstone has been removed. It will be fixed in a few days.


Patch exporter for x64dbg : export patches with a template.


Export the patches as C program source, and you can compile it with your favourite compiler. The program will automatically apply the patches you made as you double-click on it. This plugin can also export selected code into compilable disassembly.


You can also make your own template to support a programming language other than C.


All the files exported are saved in UTF-16 encoding with BOM.



Click on "Export", then select the template(such as the "C.txt" released), then export the patch to a file.


After you exported one file, the last template is remembered and you can use it in subsequent exports.


The context menu in disassembly view will add a menu item to copy compilable disassembly.