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88181ec kbuild: only one call for include/ in make headers_*
Sam Ravnborg authored
1 # Top-level Makefile calls into asm-$(ARCH)
2 # List only non-arch directories below
fadcfa3 @dwmw2 [HEADERS] One line per header in Kbuild files to reduce conflicts
dwmw2 authored
4 header-y += asm-generic/
5 header-y += linux/
6 header-y += sound/
7 header-y += mtd/
8 header-y += rdma/
9 header-y += video/
c0e0920 drm: reorganise drm tree to be more future proof.
Dave Airlie authored
10 header-y += drm/
c5cfef0 xen: export ioctl headers to userspace
Ian Campbell authored
11 header-y += xen/
9e4f5e2 [SCSI] FC Pass Thru support
James Smart authored
12 header-y += scsi/
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