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#include <linux/pagemap.h>
#include <linux/blkdev.h>
#include <linux/genhd.h>
* add_gd_partition adds a partitions details to the devices partition
* description.
struct parsed_partitions {
struct block_device *bdev;
char name[BDEVNAME_SIZE];
struct {
sector_t from;
sector_t size;
int flags;
bool has_info;
struct partition_meta_info info;
} parts[DISK_MAX_PARTS];
int next;
int limit;
bool access_beyond_eod;
char *pp_buf;
struct parsed_partitions *
check_partition(struct gendisk *, struct block_device *);
static inline void *read_part_sector(struct parsed_partitions *state,
sector_t n, Sector *p)
if (n >= get_capacity(state->bdev->bd_disk)) {
state->access_beyond_eod = true;
return NULL;
return read_dev_sector(state->bdev, n, p);
static inline void
put_partition(struct parsed_partitions *p, int n, sector_t from, sector_t size)
if (n < p->limit) {
char tmp[1 + BDEVNAME_SIZE + 10 + 1];
p->parts[n].from = from;
p->parts[n].size = size;
snprintf(tmp, sizeof(tmp), " %s%d", p->name, n);
strlcat(p->pp_buf, tmp, PAGE_SIZE);
extern int warn_no_part;
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