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#ifndef _CRYPTO_XTS_H
#define _CRYPTO_XTS_H
#include <crypto/b128ops.h>
struct scatterlist;
struct blkcipher_desc;
#define XTS_BLOCK_SIZE 16
struct xts_crypt_req {
be128 *tbuf;
unsigned int tbuflen;
void *tweak_ctx;
void (*tweak_fn)(void *ctx, u8* dst, const u8* src);
void *crypt_ctx;
void (*crypt_fn)(void *ctx, u8 *blks, unsigned int nbytes);
#define XTS_TWEAK_CAST(x) ((void (*)(void *, u8*, const u8*))(x))
int xts_crypt(struct blkcipher_desc *desc, struct scatterlist *dst,
struct scatterlist *src, unsigned int nbytes,
struct xts_crypt_req *req);
#endif /* _CRYPTO_XTS_H */
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