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include scripts/Makefile.include
@echo 'Possible targets:'
@echo ''
@echo ' cpupower - a tool for all things x86 CPU power'
@echo ' firewire - the userspace part of nosy, an IEEE-1394 traffic sniffer'
@echo ' lguest - a minimal 32-bit x86 hypervisor'
@echo ' perf - Linux performance measurement and analysis tool'
@echo ' selftests - various kernel selftests'
@echo ' turbostat - Intel CPU idle stats and freq reporting tool'
@echo ' usb - USB testing tools'
@echo ' virtio - vhost test module'
@echo ' vm - misc vm tools'
@echo ' x86_energy_perf_policy - Intel energy policy tool'
@echo ''
@echo 'You can do:'
@echo ' $$ make -C tools/<tool>_install'
@echo ''
@echo ' from the kernel command line to build and install one of'
@echo ' the tools above'
@echo ''
@echo ' $$ make tools/install'
@echo ''
@echo ' installs all tools.'
@echo ''
@echo 'Cleaning targets:'
@echo ''
@echo ' all of the above with the "_clean" string appended cleans'
@echo ' the respective build directory.'
@echo ' clean: a summary clean target to clean _all_ folders'
cpupower: FORCE
firewire lguest perf usb virtio vm: FORCE
selftests: FORCE
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)testing/$@/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1)
turbostat x86_energy_perf_policy: FORCE
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)power/x86/$@/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1)
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)power/$(@:_install=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) install
firewire_install lguest_install perf_install usb_install virtio_install vm_install:
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)$(@:_install=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) install
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)testing/$(@:_clean=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) install
turbostat_install x86_energy_perf_policy_install:
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)power/x86/$(@:_install=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) install
install: cpupower_install firewire_install lguest_install perf_install \
selftests_install turbostat_install usb_install virtio_install \
vm_install x86_energy_perf_policy_install
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)power/cpupower/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) clean
firewire_clean lguest_clean perf_clean usb_clean virtio_clean vm_clean:
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)$(@:_clean=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) clean
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)testing/$(@:_clean=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) clean
turbostat_clean x86_energy_perf_policy_clean:
$(QUIET_SUBDIR0)power/x86/$(@:_clean=)/ $(QUIET_SUBDIR1) clean
clean: cpupower_clean firewire_clean lguest_clean perf_clean selftests_clean \
turbostat_clean usb_clean virtio_clean vm_clean \
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