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SCSI Kernel Parameters
See Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt for general information on
specifying module parameters.
This document may not be entirely up to date and comprehensive. The command
"modinfo -p ${modulename}" shows a current list of all parameters of a loadable
module. Loadable modules, after being loaded into the running kernel, also
reveal their parameters in /sys/module/${modulename}/parameters/. Some of these
parameters may be changed at runtime by the command
"echo -n ${value} > /sys/module/${modulename}/parameters/${parm}".
advansys= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/advansys.c.
aha152x= [HW,SCSI]
See Documentation/scsi/aha152x.txt.
aha1542= [HW,SCSI]
Format: <portbase>[,<buson>,<busoff>[,<dmaspeed>]]
aic7xxx= [HW,SCSI]
See Documentation/scsi/aic7xxx.txt.
aic79xx= [HW,SCSI]
See Documentation/scsi/aic79xx.txt.
atascsi= [HW,SCSI] Atari SCSI
BusLogic= [HW,SCSI]
See drivers/scsi/BusLogic.c, comment before function
dtc3181e= [HW,SCSI]
eata= [HW,SCSI]
fdomain= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/fdomain.c.
gdth= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/gdth.c.
gvp11= [HW,SCSI]
in2000= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/in2000.c.
ips= [HW,SCSI] Adaptec / IBM ServeRAID controller
See header of drivers/scsi/ips.c.
mac5380= [HW,SCSI] Format:
max_luns= [SCSI] Maximum number of LUNs to probe.
Should be between 1 and 2^32-1.
[SCSI] Maximum number of LUNs received.
Should be between 1 and 16384.
See header of drivers/scsi/NCR_D700.c.
ncr5380= [HW,SCSI]
ncr53c400= [HW,SCSI]
ncr53c400a= [HW,SCSI]
ncr53c406a= [HW,SCSI]
ncr53c8xx= [HW,SCSI]
nodisconnect [HW,SCSI,M68K] Disables SCSI disconnects.
osst= [HW,SCSI] SCSI Tape Driver
Format: <buffer_size>,<write_threshold>
See also Documentation/scsi/st.txt.
pas16= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/pas16.c.
scsi_debug_*= [SCSI]
See drivers/scsi/scsi_debug.c.
[SCSI] SCSI default device flags
Format: <integer>
scsi_dev_flags= [SCSI] Black/white list entry for vendor and model
Format: <vendor>:<model>:<flags>
(flags are integer value)
scsi_logging_level= [SCSI] a bit mask of logging levels
See drivers/scsi/scsi_logging.h for bits. Also
settable via sysctl at dev.scsi.logging_level
There is also a nice 'scsi_logging_level' script in the
S390-tools package, available for download at
scsi_mod.scan= [SCSI] sync (default) scans SCSI busses as they are
discovered. async scans them in kernel threads,
allowing boot to proceed. none ignores them, expecting
user space to do the scan.
sim710= [SCSI,HW]
See header of drivers/scsi/sim710.c.
st= [HW,SCSI] SCSI tape parameters (buffers, etc.)
See Documentation/scsi/st.txt.
sym53c416= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/sym53c416.c.
t128= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/t128.c.
tmscsim= [HW,SCSI]
See comment before function dc390_setup() in
u14-34f= [HW,SCSI] UltraStor 14F/34F SCSI host adapter
See header of drivers/scsi/u14-34f.c.
wd33c93= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/wd33c93.c.
wd7000= [HW,SCSI]
See header of drivers/scsi/wd7000.c.
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