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menuconfig CAN_SJA1000
tristate "Philips/NXP SJA1000 devices"
depends on HAS_IOMEM
if CAN_SJA1000
config CAN_SJA1000_ISA
tristate "ISA Bus based legacy SJA1000 driver"
This driver adds legacy support for SJA1000 chips connected to
the ISA bus using I/O port, memory mapped or indirect access.
tristate "Generic Platform Bus based SJA1000 driver"
This driver adds support for the SJA1000 chips connected to
the "platform bus" (Linux abstraction for directly to the
processor attached devices). Which can be found on various
boards from Phytec ( like the PCM027,
PCM038. It also provides the OpenFirmware "platform bus" found
on embedded systems with OpenFirmware bindings, e.g. if you
have a PowerPC based system you may want to enable this option.
tristate "EMS CPC-CARD Card"
depends on PCMCIA
This driver is for the one or two channel CPC-CARD cards from
EMS Dr. Thomas Wuensche (
config CAN_EMS_PCI
tristate "EMS CPC-PCI, CPC-PCIe and CPC-104P Card"
depends on PCI
This driver is for the one, two or four channel CPC-PCI,
CPC-PCIe and CPC-104P cards from EMS Dr. Thomas Wuensche
tristate "PEAK PCAN-PC Card"
depends on PCMCIA
depends on HAS_IOPORT_MAP
This driver is for the PCAN-PC Card PCMCIA adapter (1 or 2 channels)
from PEAK-System ( To compile this
driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called
tristate "PEAK PCAN-PCI/PCIe/miniPCI Cards"
depends on PCI
This driver is for the PCAN-PCI/PCIe/miniPCI cards
(1, 2, 3 or 4 channels) from PEAK-System Technik
bool "PEAK PCAN-ExpressCard Cards"
depends on CAN_PEAK_PCI
select I2C
select I2C_ALGOBIT
default y
Say Y here if you want to use a PCAN-ExpressCard from PEAK-System
Technik. This will also automatically select I2C and I2C_ALGO
configuration options.
tristate "Kvaser PCIcanx and Kvaser PCIcan PCI Cards"
depends on PCI
This driver is for the PCIcanx and PCIcan cards (1, 2 or
4 channel) from Kvaser (
config CAN_PLX_PCI
tristate "PLX90xx PCI-bridge based Cards"
depends on PCI
This driver is for CAN interface cards based on
the PLX90xx PCI bridge.
Driver supports now:
- Adlink PCI-7841/cPCI-7841 card (
- Adlink PCI-7841/cPCI-7841 SE card
- esd CAN-PCI/CPCI/PCI104/200 (
- esd CAN-PCI/PMC/266
- esd CAN-PCIe/2000
- Marathon CAN-bus-PCI card (
- IXXAT Automation PC-I 04/PCI card (
- Connect Tech Inc. CANpro/104-Plus Opto (CRG001) card (
config CAN_TSCAN1
tristate "TS-CAN1 PC104 boards"
depends on ISA
This driver is for Technologic Systems' TSCAN-1 PC104 boards.
The driver supports multiple boards and automatically configures them:
PLD IO base addresses are read from jumpers JP1 and JP2,
IRQ numbers are read from jumpers JP4 and JP5,
SJA1000 IO base addresses are chosen heuristically (first that works).