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* Mutexes: blocking mutual exclusion locks
* started by Ingo Molnar:
* Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006 Red Hat, Inc., Ingo Molnar <>
* This file contains mutex debugging related internal declarations,
* prototypes and inline functions, for the CONFIG_DEBUG_MUTEXES case.
* More details are in kernel/mutex-debug.c.
* This must be called with lock->wait_lock held.
extern void
debug_mutex_set_owner(struct mutex *lock, struct thread_info *new_owner);
static inline void debug_mutex_clear_owner(struct mutex *lock)
lock->owner = NULL;
extern void debug_mutex_lock_common(struct mutex *lock,
struct mutex_waiter *waiter);
extern void debug_mutex_wake_waiter(struct mutex *lock,
struct mutex_waiter *waiter);
extern void debug_mutex_free_waiter(struct mutex_waiter *waiter);
extern void debug_mutex_add_waiter(struct mutex *lock,
struct mutex_waiter *waiter,
struct thread_info *ti);
extern void mutex_remove_waiter(struct mutex *lock, struct mutex_waiter *waiter,
struct thread_info *ti);
extern void debug_mutex_unlock(struct mutex *lock);
extern void debug_mutex_init(struct mutex *lock, const char *name,
struct lock_class_key *key);
#define spin_lock_mutex(lock, flags) \
do { \
struct mutex *l = container_of(lock, struct mutex, wait_lock); \
DEBUG_LOCKS_WARN_ON(in_interrupt()); \
local_irq_save(flags); \
__raw_spin_lock(&(lock)->raw_lock); \
DEBUG_LOCKS_WARN_ON(l->magic != l); \
} while (0)
#define spin_unlock_mutex(lock, flags) \
do { \
__raw_spin_unlock(&(lock)->raw_lock); \
local_irq_restore(flags); \
preempt_check_resched(); \
} while (0)
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