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perf_counter tools: Add CREDITS file for Git contributors

Much of perf's libraries comes from the Git project. I noticed
that the files (in tools/perf/util/*.[ch] and elsewhere) are
quite spartan wrt. credits, so lets add a CREDITS file that
includes an (incomplete!) list of main contributors.

Thanks guys, these libraries are really useful. Special thanks
go to Johannes Schindelin and Junio C Hamano for coming up with
this list.

List-Composed-By: Johannes Schindelin <>
Cc: Junio C Hamano <>
Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <>
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1 parent 3d63259 commit 1b173f77dd0d5fd4f0ff18034aaa79e30da068b9 Ingo Molnar committed Jun 24, 2009
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+Most of the infrastructure that 'perf' uses here has been reused
+from the Git project, as of version:
+ 66996ec: Sync with
+Here is an (incomplete!) list of main contributors to those files
+in util/* and elsewhere:
+ Alex Riesen
+ Christian Couder
+ Dmitry Potapov
+ Jeff King
+ Johannes Schindelin
+ Johannes Sixt
+ Junio C Hamano
+ Linus Torvalds
+ Matthias Kestenholz
+ Michal Ostrowski
+ Miklos Vajna
+ Petr Baudis
+ Pierre Habouzit
+ René Scharfe
+ Samuel Tardieu
+ Shawn O. Pearce
+ Steffen Prohaska
+ Steve Haslam
+Thanks guys!
+The full history of the files can be found in the upstream Git commits.

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