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Signed-off-by: Michal Nazarewicz <>
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Corbet <>
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CREDITS documentation: convert the Documentation directory to UTF-8 May 9, 2007
URB.txt USB: URB documentation: claim complete() will be run with IRQs enabled Aug 12, 2013
WUSB-Design-overview.txt usb: hub: rename khubd to hub_wq in documentation and comments Sep 24, 2014
acm.txt USB: small update to Documentation/usb/acm.txt Jan 5, 2007
anchors.txt trivial: Miscellaneous documentation typo fixes Jun 12, 2009
authorization.txt usb: interface authorization: Documentation part Sep 22, 2015
bulk-streams.txt USB: Support for allocating USB 3.0 streams. May 20, 2010
callbacks.txt USB: documentation update for the pre_reset method Apr 30, 2011
chipidea.txt doc: usb: chipidea: update the doc for OTG FSM May 4, 2016
dma.txt doc: fix broken references Sep 27, 2011
dwc3.txt doc: fix a few typos Apr 6, 2012
ehci.txt USB: EHCI: Allow users to override 80% max periodic bandwidth Jul 8, 2011
error-codes.txt USB: report submission of active URBs Nov 12, 2012
functionfs.txt FunctionFS: enable multiple functions May 14, 2012
gadget-testing.txt Documentation: usb: update usb-tools repository address Dec 16, 2015
gadget_configfs.txt gadget_configfs.txt: fix spelling of 'function' Oct 29, 2014
gadget_hid.txt usb: gadget: hid: add configfs support Nov 6, 2014
gadget_multi.txt Documentation: tiny typo fix in usb/gadget_multi.txt Jun 23, 2016
gadget_printer.txt USB: add Printer Gadget Driver Feb 1, 2008
gadget_serial.txt Documentation: usb: gadget_serial: update generic serial setup instru… Jan 12, 2015
hotplug.txt usb: hub: rename khubd to hub_wq in documentation and comments Sep 24, 2014
iuu_phoenix.txt USB: add iuu_phoenix driver Feb 1, 2008
linux-cdc-acm.inf USB: linux-cdc-acm.inf: add support for the acm_ms gadget Nov 29, 2011
linux.inf USB: gadget: g_multi: fixed vendor and product ID in inf files Apr 29, 2011
mass-storage.txt doc: spelling error changes May 5, 2014
misc_usbsevseg.txt USB: Added driver for a Delcom USB 7-segment LED Display Oct 17, 2008
mtouchusb.txt Documentation: Fix Broken URL "freshmeat" Feb 21, 2012
ohci.txt Linux-2.6.12-rc2 Apr 16, 2005
persist.txt usb: add decriptor of persist fail for some morph usb devices Aug 10, 2012
power-management.txt usb: core: lpm: fix usb3_hardware_lpm sysfs node Dec 1, 2015
proc_usb_info.txt proc_usb_info.txt: Correct documentation about endianness of config d… Aug 12, 2013
rio.txt Fix typos in /Documentation : 'T'' Nov 30, 2006
usb-help.txt USB:Update mailing list information in documentation Mar 10, 2008
usb-serial.txt Documentation usb serial: fixed how to provide vendor and product id May 7, 2015
usbdevfs-drop-permissions.c usb: devio: Add ioctl to disallow detaching kernel USB drivers. Mar 5, 2016
usbip_protocol.txt usbip: move usbip_protocol.txt to Documentation Mar 4, 2016
usbmon.txt doc: usbmon: fix spelling s/unpriviledged/unprivileged/ Jan 9, 2015
wusb-cbaf doc: fix a few typos Apr 6, 2012