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OpenRISC Linux

This is a port of Linux to the OpenRISC class of microprocessors; the initial
target architecture, specifically, is the 32-bit OpenRISC 1000 family (or1k).

For information about OpenRISC processors and ongoing development:

	website		http://openrisc.io

For more information about Linux on OpenRISC, please contact South Pole AB.

	email:		info@southpole.se

	website:	http://southpole.se


Build instructions for OpenRISC toolchain and Linux

In order to build and run Linux for OpenRISC, you'll need at least a basic
toolchain and, perhaps, the architectural simulator.  Steps to get these bits
in place are outlined here.

1)  The toolchain can be obtained from openrisc.io.  Instructions for building
a toolchain can be found at:


2) or1ksim (optional)

or1ksim is the architectural simulator which will allow you to actually run
your OpenRISC Linux kernel if you don't have an OpenRISC processor at hand.

	git clone https://github.com/openrisc/or1ksim.git

	cd or1ksim
	./configure --prefix=$OPENRISC_PREFIX
	make install

3)  Linux kernel

Build the kernel as usual

	make ARCH=openrisc defconfig
	make ARCH=openrisc

4)  Run in architectural simulator

Grab the or1ksim platform configuration file (from the or1ksim source) and
together with your freshly built vmlinux, run your kernel with the following

	sim -f arch/openrisc/or1ksim.cfg vmlinux



In the code, the following particles are used on symbols to limit the scope
to more or less specific processor implementations:

openrisc: the OpenRISC class of processors
or1k:     the OpenRISC 1000 family of processors
or1200:   the OpenRISC 1200 processor



18. 11. 2003	Matjaz Breskvar (phoenix@bsemi.com)
	initial port of linux to OpenRISC/or32 architecture.
        all the core stuff is implemented and seams usable.

08. 12. 2003	Matjaz Breskvar (phoenix@bsemi.com)
	complete change of TLB miss handling.
	rewrite of exceptions handling.
	fully functional sash-3.6 in default initrd.
	a much improved version with changes all around.

10. 04. 2004	Matjaz Breskvar (phoenix@bsemi.com)
	alot of bugfixes all over.
	ethernet support, functional http and telnet servers.
	running many standard linux apps.

26. 06. 2004	Matjaz Breskvar (phoenix@bsemi.com)
	port to 2.6.x

30. 11. 2004	Matjaz Breskvar (phoenix@bsemi.com)
	lots of bugfixes and enhancments.
	added opencores framebuffer driver.

09. 10. 2010    Jonas Bonn (jonas@southpole.se)
	major rewrite to bring up to par with upstream Linux 2.6.36