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Pull ARM SoC driver updates from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Driver updates for ARM SoCs.

  A handful of driver changes this time around. The larger changes are:

   - Reset drivers for hi3660 and zx2967

   - AHCI driver for Davinci, acked by Tejun and brought in here due to
     platform dependencies

   - Cleanups of atmel-ebi (External Bus Interface)

   - Tweaks for Rockchip GRF (General Register File) usage (kitchensink
     misc register range on the SoCs)

   - PM domains changes for support of two new ZTE SoCs (zx296718 and

* tag 'armsoc-drivers' of git:// (53 commits)
  soc: samsung: pmu: Add register defines for pad retention control
  reset: make zx2967 explicitly non-modular
  reset: core: fix reset_control_put
  soc: samsung: pm_domains: Read domain name from the new label property
  soc: samsung: pm_domains: Remove message about failed memory allocation
  soc: samsung: pm_domains: Remove unused name field
  soc: samsung: pm_domains: Use full names in subdomains registration log
  sata: ahci-da850: un-hardcode the MPY bits
  sata: ahci-da850: add a workaround for controller instability
  sata: ahci: export ahci_do_hardreset() locally
  sata: ahci-da850: implement a workaround for the softreset quirk
  sata: ahci-da850: add device tree match table
  sata: ahci-da850: get the sata clock using a connection id
  soc: samsung: pmu: Remove duplicated define for ARM_L2_OPTION register
  memory: atmel-ebi: Enable the SMC clock if specified
  soc: samsung: pmu: Remove unused and duplicated defines
  memory: atmel-ebi: Properly handle multiple reference to the same CS
  memory: atmel-ebi: Fix the test to enable generic SMC logic
  soc: samsung: pm_domains: Add new Exynos5433 compatible
  soc: samsung: pmu: Add dummy support for Exynos5433 SoC
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samsung memory: samsung: exynos-srom: Fix wrong count of registers Jul 6, 2016
tegra memory: tegra: Add a missing 'of_node_put()' call Jan 25, 2017
Kconfig memory: davinci: add support for da8xx DDR2/mDDR controller Nov 14, 2016
Makefile memory: davinci: add support for da8xx DDR2/mDDR controller Nov 14, 2016
atmel-ebi.c memory: atmel-ebi: Enable the SMC clock if specified Jan 27, 2017
atmel-sdramc.c memory: atmel-sdramc: use builtin_platform_driver to simplify the code Oct 20, 2016
da8xx-ddrctl.c memory: da8xx-ddrctl: drop the call to of_flat_dt_get_machine_name() Nov 23, 2016
emif.c drivers/memory: don't check resource with devm_ioremap_resource May 18, 2013
emif.h memory: emif: handle frequency and voltage change events May 2, 2012
fsl-corenet-cf.c memory: fsl-corenet: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver Oct 5, 2015
fsl_ifc.c memory: Update dependency of IFC for Layerscape Jul 14, 2016
jz4780-nemc.c memory: jz4780-nemc: driver for the NEMC on JZ4780 SoCs Mar 26, 2015
mtk-smi.c memory/mediatek: add support for mt2701 Jun 21, 2016
mvebu-devbus.c memory: drop owner assignment from platform_drivers Oct 20, 2014
of_memory.c fix:memory:of_memory:add missing header dependencies Aug 31, 2016
of_memory.h memory: fix build when CONFIG_OF && !CONFIG_DDR Sep 5, 2012
omap-gpmc.c Merge commit ' gpmc-omap-v4.8-rc1' into… Sep 2, 2016
pl172.c memory: pl172: add ARM PrimeCell PL176 MPMC support Sep 29, 2015
tegra20-mc.c memory: drop owner assignment from platform_drivers Oct 20, 2014
ti-aemif.c memory: aemif: allow passing device lookup table as platform data Jan 19, 2017