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cx82310_eth: wait for firmware to become ready

When the device is powered up, some (older) firmware versions fail to work
properly if we send commands before the boot is complete (everything is OK
when the device is hot-plugged). The firmware indicates its ready status by
putting the link up.
Newer firmwares delay the first command so they don't suffer from this problem.
They also report the link being always up.

Wait for firmware to become ready (link up) before sending any commands and/or

This also allows lowering CMD_TIMEOUT value to a reasonable time.

Tested with (old) and (new) firmware versions.

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Zary <>
Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
latest commit f40bff4239
Ondrej Zary authored davem330 committed
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appletalk net/appletalk: LTPC needs virt_to_bus
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can can: kvaser_usb: Fix tx queue start/stop race conditions
cris eth_v10: remove unnecessary break after return
dsa net: dsa: bcm_sf2: fix 64-bits register reads
ethernet be2net: use PCI MMIO read instead of config read for errors
fddi net: fddi: skfp: smt.c: Remove unused function
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ppp ppp: deflate: never return len larger than output buffer
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usb cx82310_eth: wait for firmware to become ready
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wan wan: cosa: replace current->state by set_current_state()
wimax kbuild: remove unnecessary "obj- := dummy.o" trick
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ifb.c net: better IFF_XMIT_DST_RELEASE support
loopback.c net: better IFF_XMIT_DST_RELEASE support
macvlan.c macvlan: advertise link netns via netlink
macvtap.c macvtap: make sure neighbour code can push ethernet header
mdio.c mdio: unused ethtool functions
mii.c mii: Handle link state changes for forced modes in mii_check_media()
netconsole.c Merge git://
nlmon.c net: nlmon: flag nlmon devs with LLTX/SG
ntb_netdev.c net: use ethtool_cmd_speed_set helper to set ethtool speed value
rionet.c net: get rid of SET_ETHTOOL_OPS
sb1000.c drivers/net/sb1000.c: delete double assignment
sungem_phy.c sungem: Fix global namespace pollution of phy accessors.
tun.c net: rfs: add hash collision detection
veth.c veth: advertise link netns via netlink
virtio_net.c virtio-net: correctly delete napi hash
vxlan.c vxlan: fix wrong usage of VXLAN_VID_MASK
xen-netfront.c xen-netfront: Use static attribute groups for sysfs entries
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