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Johan writes:

USB-serial fixes for v4.8-rc7

Here's another Infineon flashloader device id.

Signed-off-by: Johan Hovold <>
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atm Use "foo *bar" instead of "foo * bar". Apr 28, 2016
c67x00 c67x00-hcd: use USB_DT_HUB Apr 3, 2015
chipidea usb: chipidea: udc: fix NULL ptr dereference in isr_setup_status_phase Sep 9, 2016
class cdc-acm: fix wrong pipe type on rx interrupt xfers Aug 15, 2016
common Merge 4.7-rc6 into usb-next Jul 4, 2016
core USB: change bInterval default to 10 ms Sep 16, 2016
dwc2 usb: dwc2: Add reset control to dwc2 Aug 22, 2016
dwc3 usb: dwc3: pci: fix build warning on !PM_SLEEP Sep 7, 2016
early usb: early/ehci-dbgp: make it explicitly non-modular Jun 26, 2016
gadget usb: gadget: prevent potenial null pointer dereference on skb->len Sep 6, 2016
host xhci: fix null pointer dereference in stop command timeout function Sep 8, 2016
image usb: microtek: Use "foo *bar" instead of "foo * bar". Jun 8, 2016
isp1760 usb: Remove unnecessary space before open square bracket. May 9, 2016
misc usb: misc: usbtest: add fix for driver hang Aug 11, 2016
mon usb: core: rename mutex usb_bus_list_lock to usb_bus_idr_lock Feb 7, 2016
musb usb: musb: Fix tusb6010 compile error on blackfin Sep 16, 2016
phy usb: phy: phy-generic: Check clk_prepare_enable() error Sep 5, 2016
renesas_usbhs usb: renesas_usbhs: fix clearing the {BRDY,BEMP}STS condition Sep 5, 2016
serial USB: serial: simple: add support for another Infineon flashloader Sep 12, 2016
storage USB: uas: Fix slave queue_depth not being set Jun 1, 2016
usbip Merge 4.7-rc4 into usb-next Jun 20, 2016
wusbcore usb: wusbcore: Do not initialise statics to 0. May 9, 2016
Kconfig usb: common: rework CONFIG_USB_COMMON logic Apr 18, 2016
Makefile usb: fsl: drop USB_FSL_MPH_DR_OF Kconfig symbol Mar 4, 2016
README usb: hub: rename khubd to hub_wq in documentation and comments Sep 24, 2014
usb-skeleton.c usb: delete non-required instances of include <linux/init.h> Jan 8, 2014


To understand all the Linux-USB framework, you'll use these resources:

    * This source code.  This is necessarily an evolving work, and
      includes kerneldoc that should help you get a current overview.
      ("make pdfdocs", and then look at "usb.pdf" for host side and
      "gadget.pdf" for peripheral side.)  Also, Documentation/usb has
      more information.

    * The USB 2.0 specification (from, with supplements
      such as those for USB OTG and the various device classes.
      The USB specification has a good overview chapter, and USB
      peripherals conform to the widely known "Chapter 9".

    * Chip specifications for USB controllers.  Examples include
      host controllers (on PCs, servers, and more); peripheral
      controllers (in devices with Linux firmware, like printers or
      cell phones); and hard-wired peripherals like Ethernet adapters.

    * Specifications for other protocols implemented by USB peripheral
      functions.  Some are vendor-specific; others are vendor-neutral
      but just standardized outside of the team.

Here is a list of what each subdirectory here is, and what is contained in

core/		- This is for the core USB host code, including the
		  usbfs files and the hub class driver ("hub_wq").

host/		- This is for USB host controller drivers.  This
		  includes UHCI, OHCI, EHCI, and others that might
		  be used with more specialized "embedded" systems.

gadget/		- This is for USB peripheral controller drivers and
		  the various gadget drivers which talk to them.

Individual USB driver directories.  A new driver should be added to the
first subdirectory in the list below that it fits into.

image/		- This is for still image drivers, like scanners or
		  digital cameras.
../input/	- This is for any driver that uses the input subsystem,
		  like keyboard, mice, touchscreens, tablets, etc.
../media/	- This is for multimedia drivers, like video cameras,
		  radios, and any other drivers that talk to the v4l
../net/		- This is for network drivers.
serial/		- This is for USB to serial drivers.
storage/	- This is for USB mass-storage drivers.
class/		- This is for all USB device drivers that do not fit
		  into any of the above categories, and work for a range
		  of USB Class specified devices. 
misc/		- This is for all USB device drivers that do not fit
		  into any of the above categories.