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ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads

Lenovo Thinkpads with recent Realtek codecs seem suffering from click
noises at power transition since the introduction of widget power
saving in 4.1 kernel.  Although this might be solved by some delays in
appropriate points, as a quick workaround, just disable the
power_save_node feature for now.  The gain it gives is relatively
small, and this makes the situation back to pre 4.1 time.

This patch ended up with a bit more code changes than usual because
the existing fixup for Thinkpads is highly chained.  Instead of adding
yet another chain, combine a few of them into a single fixup entry, as
a gratis cleanup.

Cc: <> # v4.1+
Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai <>
latest commit 7f57d803ee
@tiwai tiwai authored
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aoa ALSA: aoa-soundbus: Switch to dev_pm_ops
arm ASoC: fix broken pxa SoC support
atmel ALSA: sound/atmel/ac97c.c: remove unused variable
core Merge tag 'asoc-fix-v4.2-rc3' of git://…
drivers Merge tag 'sound-4.2-rc1' of git://…
firewire ALSA: fireworks/bebob/dice/oxfw: fix substreams counting at vmalloc f…
hda ALSA: hda - allow codecs to access the i915 pin/ELD callback
i2c ALSA: ak4xxx-adda: Drop unnecessary ifdef CONFIG_PROC_FS
isa ALSA: gus: use swap() in snd_ics_put_double()
mips ALSA: mips: let SND_SGI_O2 select SND_PCM
oss sound: oss/sb_audio: use swap() in sb_audio_close()
parisc ALSA: Include linux/io.h instead of asm/io.h
pci ALSA: hda - Disable power_save_node for Thinkpads
pcmcia ALSA: vx: Fix missing kerneldoc parameter descriptions
ppc ALSA: ppc: Add missing inclusion of linux/module.h
sh ALSA: Include linux/io.h instead of asm/io.h
soc Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/wm8960' and 'asoc/fix/wm8962…
sparc ALSA: sparc: amd7930: Fix module autoload for OF platform driver
spi ALSA: spi: Convert to snd_card_new() with a device pointer
synth ALSA: emux: Fix/cleanup old ifdef CONFIG_PROC_FS
usb ALSA: usb-audio: Change internal PCM order
Kconfig ALSA: hda - Make snd_hda_bus_type public
Makefile ALSA: hda - Make snd_hda_bus_type public
ac97_bus.c Merge tag 'asoc-v4.2-rc8' of git://…
last.c ALSA: Remove the last mention of SNDRV_MAIN_OBJECT_FILE
sound_core.c consolidate the reassignments of ->f_op in ->open() instances
sound_firmware.c sound: sound_firmware: Fix invalid use of vfs_read()
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