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Half-arsed divelog software in C.
I'm tired of Java programs that don't work etc.
License: GPLv2
You need libxml2-devel, gtk2-devel, glib-2.0 and GConf2-devel to build
this (and libusb-1.0 if you have libdivecomputer built with it, but then
you obviously already have it installed)
You also need to have libdivecomputer installed, which goes something like this:
git clone git://
cd libdivecomputer
autoreconf --install
sudo make install
NOTE! You may need to tell the main Makefile where you installed
libdivecomputer if you didn't do it in the default /usr/local location.
I don't trust pkg-config for libdivecomputer, since pkg-config usually
doesn't work unless the project has been installed by the distro.
Just edit the makefile directly. autoconf and friends are the devil's
./subsurface dives/*.xml
to see my dives (with no notes or commentary).
Or, if you have a dive computer supported by libdivecomputer, you can
just do
and select "Import" from the Log menu, tell it what dive computer you
have (and where it is connected if you need to), and hit "OK".
NOTE! There are often multiple models of dive computers that import
exactly the same way. If you have a Suunto Gekko, for example, the
import function works fine - even if you don't find the Gekko listed
explicitly. It has the same import engine as the older Suunto Vyper
(not "Vyper Air").
So check the (incomplete?) list of supported dive computers below, and
see which ones show up together. If you have the "Aeris Elite T3", for
example, you'd notice that it's in the same group with the "Oceanic Atom
2", and use that choice to import.
* Solution
* Eon, Solution Alpha and Solution Nitrox/Vario
* Vyper, Cobra, Vytec, Vytec DS, D3, Spyder, Gekko, Mosquito, Stinger and Zoop
* Vyper2, Cobra2, Cobra3, Vyper Air and HelO2
* D9, D6 and D4
* Aladin
* Memomouse
* Smart and Galileo (infrared)
* Sensus
* Sensus Pro
* Sensus Ultra
Oceanic, Aeris, Sherwood, Hollis, Genesis and Tusa (Pelagic):
* VT Pro, Versa Pro, Pro Plus 2, Wisdom, Atmos 2, Atmos AI, Atmos
Elite, ...
* Veo 250, Veo 180Nx, XR2, React Pro, DG02, Insight, ...
* Atom 2.0, VT3, Datamask, Geo, Geo 2.0, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0, Pro Plus 2.1,
Compumask, Elite T3, Epic, Manta, IQ-900 (Zen), IQ-950 (Zen Air),
IQ-750 (Element II), ...
* Nemo, Nemo Excel, Nemo Apneist, ...
* Puck, Puck Air, Nemo Air, Nemo Wide, ...
* Icon HD
Heinrichs Weikamp:
* OSTC, OSTC Mk.2 and OSTC 2N
Cressi, Zeagle and Mares (Seiko):
* Edy, Nemo Sport
* N2iTiON3
Atomic Aquatics:
* Cobalt
Implementation details:
main.c - program frame
dive.c - creates and maintaines the internal dive list structure
save-xml.c - interface with dive computers and the XML files
profile.c - creates the data for the profile and draws it using cairo
A first UI has been implemented in gtk and an attempt has been made to
separate program logic from UI implementation.
gtk-gui.c - overall layout, main window of the UI
divelist.c - list of dives subsurface maintains
equipment.c - equipment / tank information for each dive
info.c - detailed dive info
print.c - printing
WARNING! I wasn't kidding when I said that I've done this by reading
gtk2 tutorials as I've gone along. If somebody is more comfortable with
gtk, feel free to send me (signed-off) patches.
Just as an example of the extreme hackiness of the code, I don't even
bother connecting a signal for the "somebody edited the dive info"
cases. I just save/restore the dive info every single time you switch
dives. Christ! That's truly lame.
NOTE! Some of the dives are pretty pitiful. All the last dives are from
my divemaster course, so they are from following open water students
along (many of them the confined*water dives). There a lot of the
action is at the surface, so some of the "dives" are 4ft deep and 2min
Please either send me signed-off patches or a pull request with
signed-off commits. If you don't sign off on them, I will not accept
them. This means adding a line that says "Signed-off-by: Name <email>"
at the end of each commit, indicating that you wrote the code and have
the right to pass it on as an open source patch.
Also, please write good git commit messages. A good commit message
looks like this:
Header line: explaining the commit in one line
Body of commit message is a few lines of text, explaining things
in more detail, possibly giving some background about the issue
being fixed, etc etc.
The body of the commit message can be several paragraphs, and
please do proper word-wrap and keep columns shorter than about
74 characters or so. That way "git log" will show things
nicely even when it's indented.
Reported-by: whoever-reported-it
Signed-off-by: Your Name <>
where that header line really should be meaningful, and really should be
just one line. That header line is what is shown by tools like gitk and
shortlog, and should summarize the change in one readable line of text,
independently of the longer explanation.
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