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#ifndef DISPLAY_H
#define DISPLAY_H
#include <cairo.h>
#define DPI_SCREEN 72.0
#define SCALE_SCREEN 1.0
#define SCALE_PRINT (1.0 / DPI_SCREEN)
extern void repaint_dive(void);
extern void do_print(void);
* Cairo scaling really is horribly horribly mis-designed.
* Which is sad, because I really like Cairo otherwise. But
* the fact that the line width is scaled with the same scale
* as the coordinate system is a f*&%ing disaster. So we
* can't use it, and instead have this butt-ugly wrapper thing..
struct graphics_context {
int printer;
cairo_t *cr;
double maxx, maxy;
double leftx, rightx;
double topy, bottomy;
typedef enum { SC_SCREEN, SC_PRINT } scale_mode_t;
extern void plot(struct graphics_context *gc, cairo_rectangle_t *drawing_area, struct dive *dive, scale_mode_t scale);
extern void init_profile_background(struct graphics_context *gc);
extern void attach_tooltip(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *text);
struct options {
enum { PRETTY, TABLE } type;
int print_selected;
extern char zoomed_plot;
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