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#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
extern GtkWidget *main_window;
/* we want a progress bar as part of the device_data_t - let's abstract this out */
typedef struct {
GtkWidget *bar;
} progressbar_t;
typedef struct {
gboolean cylinder;
gboolean temperature;
gboolean totalweight;
gboolean suit;
gboolean nitrox;
gboolean sac;
gboolean otu;
} visible_cols_t;
typedef enum {
} pref_type_t;
#define BOOL_TO_PTR(_cond) ((_cond) ? (void *)1 : NULL)
#define PTR_TO_BOOL(_ptr) ((_ptr) != NULL)
#if defined __APPLE__
#define CTRLCHAR "<Meta>"
#define SHIFTCHAR "<Shift>"
#define PREFERENCE_ACCEL "<Meta>comma"
#define CTRLCHAR "<Control>"
#define SHIFTCHAR "<Shift>"
extern void subsurface_open_conf(void);
extern void subsurface_set_conf(char *name, pref_type_t type, const void *value);
extern const void *subsurface_get_conf(char *name, pref_type_t type);
extern void subsurface_flush_conf(void);
extern void subsurface_close_conf(void);
extern const char *subsurface_USB_name(void);
extern const char *subsurface_icon_name(void);
extern void subsurface_ui_setup(GtkSettings *settings, GtkWidget *menubar,
GtkWidget *vbox, GtkUIManager *ui_manager);
extern void quit(GtkWidget *w, gpointer data);
extern visible_cols_t visible_cols;
extern const char *divelist_font;
extern void set_divelist_font(const char *);
extern void import_files(GtkWidget *, gpointer);
extern void download_dialog(GtkWidget *, gpointer);
extern void add_dive_cb(GtkWidget *, gpointer);
extern void report_error(GError* error);
extern int process_ui_events(void);
extern void update_progressbar(progressbar_t *progress, double value);
extern void update_progressbar_text(progressbar_t *progress, const char *text);
extern GtkWidget *dive_profile_widget(void);
extern GtkWidget *dive_info_frame(void);
extern GtkWidget *extended_dive_info_widget(void);
extern GtkWidget *equipment_widget(int w_idx);
extern GtkWidget *single_stats_widget(void);
extern GtkWidget *total_stats_widget(void);
extern GtkWidget *cylinder_list_widget(int w_idx);
extern GtkWidget *weightsystem_list_widget(int w_idx);
extern GtkWidget *dive_list_create(void);
unsigned int amount_selected;
extern void process_selected_dives(void);
typedef void (*data_func_t)(GtkTreeViewColumn *col,
GtkCellRenderer *renderer,
GtkTreeModel *model,
GtkTreeIter *iter,
gpointer data);
typedef gint (*sort_func_t)(GtkTreeModel *model,
GtkTreeIter *a,
GtkTreeIter *b,
gpointer user_data);
#define ALIGN_LEFT 1
#define ALIGN_RIGHT 2
#define INVISIBLE 4
#define UNSORTABLE 8
extern GtkTreeViewColumn *tree_view_column(GtkWidget *tree_view, int index, const char *title,
data_func_t data_func, unsigned int flags);
GError *uemis_download(const char *path, char **divenr, char **xml_buffer, progressbar_t *progress);
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