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Drupal Multi-Site Admin Kit
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   DMSAK - Drupal Multi-Site Admin Kit

Copyright 2009 António Maria Torre do Valle
 Mail: torvall at gmail dot com

Released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL):

What is this:
DMSAK is a group of scripts aimed at easing management of secure Drupal multi-site 
installations. These tools allow you to create and delete webs and update 
modules and Drupal code bases automatically.
 * Fully automates Drupal installation and webs creation;
 * Handles various Drupal code base versions simultaneously at the same server;
 * Creates backups automatically;
 * Easy to use command line syntax.

How Drupal multi-site installations work:
In this model, to have a secure, multi-site setup from a single code base, a 
directory is created for the web site containing some links to core Drupal code 
base directories (like misc, modules, themes and sites) and wrappers to the main 
php files.
This approach allows running several sites off the same codebase, and to contain 
sites data in a single directory. There are other different approaches, some of 
them are simpler, others, not. This one requires you to have a different virtual 
host for each web.
Read more about multi-site installs here:
and here:

Using the kit:
To start, copy example-dmsak.cfg to dmsak.cfg and set there the values to match
your setup. If you wish to "install" the kit, simply copy the scripts to a
directory on your $PATH (ex: /usr/local/bin) and the configuration file
(dmsak.cfg) to /etc. The scripts can be run from any directory, and will look for
the config in the current working folder (./dmsak.cfg), the current users home
(~/dmsak.cfg) or /etc/dmsak.cfg (in that order). Failing all that, it will use
default values (you can check the values that will be used by default using
the "-h" option).
IMPORTANT: In order for these scripts to work, Drupal's code base directory must 
be named "drupal-X" where X is the version number. If you already have an existing
code base installed, you may need to rename it.
Website directories must match the website URL (with or without "www").
The script updates the module either at the code base directory 
(drupal-X/sites/all/modules), or the web directory 
The script appends a rewrite rule directive to .htaccess to map the long 
"sites/" to simply "files". Go to admin/settings/file-system to 
set the files directory path to point to "files".

This is still an early release and many features are still missing (including BD 
DMSAK is not intended to be a replacement for modules like Drush 
( This kit is only aimed at maintaining 
multi-site setups easily.
These scripts were only tested with versions 5 and 6 of Drupal. If you tested 
other versions, please send me some feedback (versions tested, issues, etc.)

More info:
To get more information about DMSAK, please go to
Alternatively, you can contact me by email at torvall at gmail dot com.

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